New Odyssey for Infants!

Development occurs at a rapid pace during the first eighteen months after birth.  In an effort to keep infants with peers of similar developmental levels together, infants are divided into two smaller classroom groups.  The Composers are our babies who are 6 weeks old through mobile infants and our Pioneers are mobile infants through approximately eighteen months.  Both infant rooms provide the opportunity for your baby to develop at his or her own pace in an atmosphere of security and love.   The materials provided, balanced with nurturing interactions with caregivers, help babies develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills beginning to create the educational foundation that will support the building blocks of their future.

Key Features of Our Infant Program

We understand how difficult it can be to trust someone with your baby.  We provide a warm, nurturing environment you and your child will love.

  • Our teachers are dedicated to the development of trust, security and emotional growth through prompt, nurturing and responsive care
  • Low teacher-child ratio (1:4) allows us to personalize our daily care routines
  • Small, primary group sizes to better meet the individual needs of the child
  • A unique daily schedule developed by the parents and teachers to meet the individual needs of each child
  • An assigned crib per child, with bedding laundered daily
  • Detailed individualized report is provided to parents daily which details the activities of the day
  • Each baby is alway held by a caregiver when receiving a bottle and a teacher is at the feeding table with the children during meals and snacks
  • Daily reading to all children, tummy time to build neck strength and weekly exposure to Spanish
  • Twice daily visits to the playground specifically for our infants where they can enjoy the outdoor elements (weather permitting)
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A beautiful smiling baby wrapped in a furry green blanket

At New Odyssey for Children, we utilize the Creative Curriculum in the infant room which is designed to foster learning through stimulating sights, sounds, and physical exploration.  Our weekly lesson plans detail the specific activities to accomplish our learning objectives that address all areas of development.

  • Playtime and experiences that help boost cognitive and motor skills
  • Age-appropriate materials and equipment that support learning and development
  • A safe classroom environment where your infant has the freedom to move and explore (no outside shoes allowed)
  • Safe Sleep Guidelines that meet those of the American Academy of Pediatrics
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